B.E.S.T. Scholarship, a program in cooperation with the US Embassy in Italy, the Fulbright Commission and Invitalia.

Change your Life, Change Italy!

At its 10th edition, BEST allows the best and brightest Italians to spend six months in Silicon Valley to join one of a kind open innovation program to learn how to create, launch and manage your start-up. The bid closes on March 31.

Italy’s elections aftermath: Pyrrhus and Machiavelli

The frenzy noises of the champagne bottles uncorked by the alleged winners of 2018 Italian elections are already a distant memory. The 5 Star movement is the largest single political party (32%) while the center-right the largest coalition (37%)....

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Italy, aren’t you tired of being patronized?!

A young and dear friend of mine sent me this video https://youtu.be/LdhQzXHYLZ4. John Oliver's show on HBO is a pungent and inexorable satire on Italy's Prime Ministers candidates. My young friend’s comment was: "Terrible!". A few hours later, my former US...

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“Italics” as a Global Commonwealth @ UN New York

On November 13 2017 at the United Nations in New York hosted by The Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations H.E. Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi and Pietro Bassetti, President of Globus et Locus, “Italics" as a Global Commonwealth will be discussed. IB&II...

On business ethics: US vs. Italy

"Commercial but moralistic, civil, but bellicose, individualist but organized, conservative and idealistic but unscrupulous", so Martin Wolf, editor of the Financial Times, lapidary describes the US society. This synthesis marks the distance between American and...

New York Cheddar TV interview 10-27-2017

October 27 interview on CheddarTV on European regional turmoils -- Catalogna vs Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna), Us Eu relationship and question on President Trump (of course).

What Matters vs. What Does Not

The speech by Ambassador Phillips to Hall of Justice is like salt on the wounds: painful but true. Justice in Italy discourages foreign investors. Something positive is, indeed, happening in Italy though little is known to international observers. The announcement of...

Press Coverage – Il Sole 24 Ore, March 1 – IB&II New York Summit

We can imagine to open an office that then we cannot close? " asks Ralph Schlosstein, co-founder of BlackRock, one of the largest fund managers worldwide, today CEO of Evercore, a boutique investment in New York. Schlosstein with another twenty speakers participated...


Domani alla Università LUISS 5pm per presentare l’opportunità borsa di STUDIO BEST. more at https://t.co/Ox4loIaiAi

Oggi 10:10 su Radio24 Generazione mobile con Sergio Nava per parlare di BEST E Silicon Valley: il@bando chiude il 31 marzo More at https://t.co/Ox4loIaiAi

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