Date: September 16, 2013 at 7pm

Location: Milan, Italy

On Monday 16th of September, Fernando Napolitano, founder and CEO of the Italian Business & Investment Initiative®, will hold a conference call about the “opportunities for talented people in the startups’ challenge” .

The event, “Italia e Stati Uniti, insieme per i giovani talenti” is organized by Connect Foundation and will be an occasion for entrepreneurs, managers and young startuppers to share ideas on the growing opportunities arising from an increasing international mobility.

Simone Crolla (AmCham Italy), Fabrizio Nicolosi (founder and CEO of Connect Foundation) and Stefano Venturi (CEO – HP Italia) are among of the panelists that will attend the seminar scheduled for next Monday at Chateau Monfort in Milan from 7 PM.

The event is upon invitation.

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