“Italics” as a Global Commonwealth

 IB&II has decided to join the “wake-up call” by  Pietro Bassetti.  His notion of Italics and Italicity in his book, Let’s Wake Up, Italics! A Manifesto for a Glocal Future, goes beyond the “ius soli” of being and Italian. In his view there are 250 million individuals across continents and cultures that, one way or another, have been educated, exposed, influenced by the larger frame Italy. Bassetti calls them “Italics”, and he bases his convictions on the changes due to globalization that he has personally witnessed during his decades of cultural and political activity.

“Italics are not just Italian citizens in Italy and abroad. They are, above all, the people of Canton Ticino, Dalmatia, and San Marino, and their descendants; Italian Americans, those of the two Americas and of Australia; as well as Italian speakers and all those people who might not have a drop of Italian blood in their veins, but have nonetheless embraced our county’s values, lifestyle, and shared behavioral models.”

On November 13 2017 at the United Nations hosted by The Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations H.E. Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi and Pietro Bassetti, The President of Globus et Locus, “Italics” as a Global Commonwealth will be discussed.


Agenda Event UN Italics as a Global Commonwealth

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