I Summit Italy Meets the United States of America, New York

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Italy: Opportunity Amid the Eurozone Crisis

Italy Meets the United States of America Summit

The inaugural summit will demonstrate the significant, untapped investment opportunities in Italy, and aim to dispel the perceived country risk that currently plagues Italy’s economy. Our panel of esteemed figures will include:

–      Giuliano Amato, former Prime Minister of Italy

– Vittorio Grilli, Minister of Economy and Finance of Italy

Hon. David H. Thorne, U.S. Ambassador to Italy and to the Republic of San Marino

–      Andrea Ragnetti, CEO of Alitalia

–      Fulvio Conti, CEO of Enel

–      Paolo Scaroni, CEO of Eni

– Maximo Ibarra, CEO of Wind

Moderated by Gideon Rose (*), Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Affairs magazine

Upon Invitation. For inquires. Sally Fischer PR: sally@sallyfischerpr.com


Italy’s Head of State, Giorgio Napolitano, Welcome Letter

Welcome letter by Mayor Bloomberg

USA Amb. Thorne’s Endorsement

Enel CEO, Fulvio Conti’s Endorsement

Italy’s Structural Reforms 2011-2013

Panelists’ Short Bio

New York Feb 11 2013 Summit Background info

Note (*): Gideon Rose was appointed Editor of Foreign Affairs in October 2010. He was Managing Editor of the magazine from 2000-2010. He has also served as Associate Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs on the staff of the National Security Council and Deputy Director of National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, and has taught American foreign policy at Princeton and Columbia. He is the author of How Wars End (Simon & Schuster, 2010).