IV Summit “Italy Meets the United States of America”







On February 23rd, Italy and USA will meet for the fourth edition of a one-of-a-kind summit, which this year is aimed at discussing what is changing in Italy and the opportunities Italy presents for American corporates and investors, as well as to discover how the American market can be better explored by Italian companies.

The agenda will cover four primary content areas:

1. Why Italy?
Geopolitically, in a very critical junction of world affairs (especially in the Middle East), Italy’s strategic geographical position and knowledge of this area are critical in addressing the wave of instability that could potentially harm economic growth.

2. Reforms
From a regulatory perspective, Italy is implementing far-reaching reforms in sectors critical to business (such as labor law, justice, tax reduction, public administration, schools) and becoming an increasingly business-friendly country.

3. Italy’s competitiveness and unknown excellences
Italy can boast being recognized as excelling in strategic high tech sectors (robotics, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, high tech)together with other traditional sectors such as food and fashion.

These equally attractive industries and companies are not as well-known abroad but still can be appealing for US investors and on the other side can take advantage of expanding internationally.

4. Large Corporations and their role to strengthen Italy’s positioning in the US
The complexity of global business today requires artful collaboration toward a common goal. Italy proposes a systemic approach led by progressive Italian CEOs, who will take part in the panels and whose stories can open the way to cross-border opportunities.

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