Does Italy Still Matter to the World? New York University – New York

Professionisti Italiani a New York City (PINYC) in collaboration with Casa Italiana Zerilli-Miramo’ (NYU) hosted a panel of experts to discuss:  “Does Italy STILL Matter to the World?”

Contrasting the prevailing narrative of decline, lack of opportunities and fleeing talent, a tale of another Italy, with a vibrant start-up sector, producing great industrial innovation.

A panel discussion with:

  • Amb. Ronald Spogli, Former U.S. Ambassador to Italy and Co-Founder of Freeman Spogli & Co
  • Fernando Napolitano, President and CEO of Italian Business and Innovation Initiative
  • Maurizio Molinari, correspondent, La Stampa and author of”Italians of New York”

Moderated by: Gianluca Galletto, Co-Founder, PINYC and Us Operations Senior Adviser of IB&II