V Summit “Italy Meets The United States of America”








On November 18, EY and IB&II are proud to bring the “Italy meets the United States of America” series, for the first time, to Florence at Sala dei Cinquecento. This will be one-of-a-kind summit, which will build on the New York Feb 23 discussions. It is particularly interesting for US investors willing to understand and network with Italy’s most promising enterprises.

The agenda will cover four primary content areas:

Mediterranean geopolitics and the strategic importance of Italy in relation to: people flows, new factors influencing local and cross-border investments following recent reforms and the post-US election scenario

The financial investors perspective of doing business in Italy, as related to opportunities and obstacles in different industries. US presence in Italy, best stories of American companies that have invested in Italy

►US presence in Italy, best stories of American companies that have invested in Italy.

New innovation paradigms that can stimulate future drivers of growth and international cooperationand new entrepreneurial model: relationships between Universities and Research Centers, sharing economy, start up/scale up, incubators and venture capitalists as the primary stakeholders of the new business scenarios. How Italian large corporates can invest in innovation through these new actors of the “ecosystem”

The role of the media in Italy’s reputation and relevance, thus the impact on potential investors’ perception.

Invitation: Italy is Back