Below you can find some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our activities.

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What is the Italian Business & Investment Initiative?

The Italian Business & Investment Initiative (IB&II) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting Italy’s vibrant and talented sector of small and medium-sized enterprises as an attractive destination for foreign investors. Italy’s growing SME community employs nearly 90% of the country’s workforce, generates 80% of its GDP and is responsible for producing a majority of its exports.

IB&II recognizes the size and importance of this sector in the Italian and greater global economy, as well as the many potential opportunities for foreign investors to become a part of the future success of these enterprises. To get involved, please contact us.

What is IB&II’s mission?

To promote business opportunities and future collaboration between the U.S. venture capital investment community and Italy’s most innovative small to medium size enterprises (SMEs).

To be a positive voice of change in reigniting and attracting new foreign direct investments to Italy.

To provide an informed platform whereby the international business and investment communities can gain access to, and an appreciation of, the untapped talent of Italian entrepreneurs and their businesses through our series of biannual forums and our online resources.

Who are IB&II’s Sponsors / Partners?

IB&II is thrilled to have the backing and support of some of Italy’s largest and most innovative corporations.  A full list of our partners, supporters and sponsors can be found here.

Is IB&II a government-sponsored initiative?

No, IB&II is an independent organization that is focused on promoting Italian SMEs as an attractive destination for foreign investors.  Unlike some of our government-sponsored counterparts, who are focused on economic development, we are dedicated to creating lasting synergies and innovative investments specifically for the Italian SME community, regardless of sector or industry.

However, we are very proud to have the support of various organizations and representatives from the Italian government, including the Italian Trade Commission and the Consulate General of Italy in New York.

How often do the IB&II events take place?

IB&II hosts a series of events throughout the year in New York, which work to highlight investment opportunities in a different set of participating SMEs, or discuss solutions to the macroeconomic issues facing Italy.  To find out about our upcoming events, click here.  Also, be sure to sign up for our e-mail distribution list in order to keep abreast of our efforts throughout the year.

Can anyone attend the events?

Our events are upon invitations. Therefore a RSVP to attend our biannual events required. But if you are interested and motivated  attending to our next events please contact us.

I run an Italian start-up / SME. How can I get involved?

We are thrilled that you are interested in learning more about how IB&II can advance the growth potential of your business.  Please contact us directly to discuss your participation in upcoming events.

The pre requisite to apply are that your Company must be invested by an Italian fund and have plans to expand in the US market.

Candidate SME companies and start-ups are chosen via a selection process produced in conjunction with Innogest SGR.

What benefits could my company gain from attending your events?

Each SME or hight tech start-up that participates in an Italian Business & Investment Initiative networking event will get face-to-face access to potential investors, who are members of New York’s robust VC and PE communities.

Is there a particular sector that my SMEs or start-ups must come from?

No, IB&II assists SMEs across Italy’s entire economy.  Visit our portfolio of innovators to have an idea. If you are interested in learning more about how your small or medium sized company can benefit from one of our upcoming event, please contact us.

I am a US venture capital / private equity investor. How can we get involved?

If you are interested in learning more about these attractive investment opportunities, we invite you to learn more about our network of SMEs by clicking here. For future events, we encourage VC and PE funds to sign up for our email distribution list to get up-to-date information about our upcoming events.

We are a company interested in becoming a sponsor/partner of IB&II. How can we get involved?

To discuss potential partnership or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Fernando Napolitano.  We look forward to working with you very soon!

How can we stay in touch with IB&II?

If you are interested in learning more about us, please contact us to sign up for our email distribution list. Also, connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and be sure to check our website regularly for news and upcoming events.

How can we contact IB&II?

We are always interested in hearing from you.  To contact us, click here.