IB&II enjoys the counseling and advice of a New York based Board of Advisors. It provides strategic guidance to the positioning, management and growth of IB&II three statutory programs: 1. BEST Scholarship in Silicon Valley; 2. One Week Accelerator Program in New York; 3. Bi-annual Summit “Italy Meets the United State of America”.

Salvo Arena Studio Chiomenti, USA Managing Partner


Fabrizio Arengi Bentivoglio Fidia Finanziaria Chairman & CEO


Mariafrancesca Carli BDT & Company LLC Managing Director


James W. Gerard De Visscher & Co Managing Director


Joseph Haviv Protostar Managing Director


Alessandro Luongo TowerBrook Senior Principal


Ketty Pucci-Sisti Maisonrouge KM Consultancy CEO


Monica Mandelli KKR Managing Director


Carlo Mantica LC International Managing Director


Marino Marin MC Square Managing Principal


Federico Mennella Lincoln International Managing Director


Gianni Pieraccioni Revlon and Elizabeth Arden Company Chief Operating Officer


Michael Russel Nowlis Cornell University Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management


Arturo Petrozza PepsiCo  

Senior Director Strategy


Enzo Viscusi  Eni Petroleum  Chairman