IB&II ® enhances the dialogue between European and Italian business leadership and US investors.

IB&II provides a fact based business perspective on Italy and, following Brexit, a new Europe to New York business community to increase business exchanges (in & outflow).

  IB&II runs 4 programs coherent with its mission:

Best Scholarship

designed to nurture high-tech entrepreneurs in Italy via an exchange program with Silicon Valley and New York.

One week accelerator program in New York

organized twice a year in cooperation with VentureOut New York to provide a one of kind opportunity for Italy originated start-ups to meet NY Venture Capital community and investors.

The International Business Exchange. Investing in Italy and a New Europe

yearly gathering in New York to enhance business dialogue/understanding between European and Italian leadership and US investors/opinion makers.

Influence, Relevance and Growth Index

In cooperation with A.T. Kearney, IRG index measures parametrically the Influence of a company beyond the boundaries of its industry to meet the new needs of the changed societal context, to become Relevant contributing to economic Growth.

IB&II ® is committed to position its activities within the high-end New York Business Community.

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