For Italy originated startups looking to expand and establish in America, New York is the place. Not only is New York an international city full of business and cultural diversity but it’s the only U.S. city where Venture Capital investment is on the rise. From creative industries, media and entertainment to financial services and enterprise solutions, New York’s culture of ambition is the ideal environment to launch an early-stage startup.

NEXT UPCOMING EVENT: November 2017 (date to be announced soon)

The program introduces top global Italian Tech companies to the leading tech investors in New York City

It is a One-Week Hyper Accelerator that focuses on getting Italian Startups to the right place through the right people

It runs twice a year, typically on May and November.

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It is organized and managed in cooperation with VentureOut NY.

Example of IB&II One Week Accelerator Program:

NY May 8-13 2016