US Programs for Start-ups

IB&II offers 2 programs in the United States for start-ups: New York One Week Accelerator Program and Silicon Valley BEST scholarship.


The one week program introduces top global Italian Tech companies to the leading tech investors in New York City.
It is offered twice a year: May and November in cooperation with VentureOutNY

Venture Out Program





Business Exchange & Student Training scholarship. A US Embassy to Italy, Fulbright Commission and Invitalia cooperation

Program modules:
1. Three months of classes to study entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley
2. Each student works for three months in a start-up in Silicon Valley
3. After the repatriation(*), students are supported for six months by an Italian tutor to launch their own start-up

Scholarship: tuition fees + travel + housing + monthly allowance + health insurance
Target: Bachelor degree, PhD students (<35 year old) with high-tech ideas or early start-up
For details about the tender, timing and process please refer to

(*) Grantees enter the United States with a J1 Visa whereby they must leave the US upon completion of the program and cannot be employed in the US for 2 subsequent years

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