Since 2005 40South Energy founder Michele Grassi has been developing innovative methods for extracting energy from ocean waves. Mr. Grassi founded 40South Energy in 2008 to add to her development efforts.  Recently the company has been receiving orders for its “Series 25” machines, and  as plans for a full commercial rollout during 2012. These machines maintain average energy production as close as possible to nominal, increasing reliability during large storms. This reliability, along with the competitive cost of their energy byproduct and zero environmental impact are the threemain advantages of the Series 25 technology.


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Overview Sector: Renewable energy company

Founded: 2008

Investment need: $ 9M

2010 Revenue:  $ 0

2010 Ebitda: Negative

2011 Revenue Forecast: $ 700K




Founder & CEO: Michele Grassi

COO: Massimo Sacchi

CFO: Roberto Galimberti

Headquarter: London

Employees: 9