Mopapp (Measures Of Performances for Apps) is a business analytics service that helps mobile application developers track and analyze their apps’ revenues from all major online app market sites (e.g. iTunes, BlackBerry AppWorld and the Android Market) and major mobile Ad networks like AdMob. With a range of pricing options (from basic to premium services) Mopapp is the only one-stop-shop for app developers to publish and monitor their apps’ performance, and provides a compelling user experience for report generation that doesn’t require any downloads or installation. Following its beta launch in November 2010, Mopapp reached over 2,000 users and approximately 138 million downloads. The company projects to be cash flow positive after 18 months from investment.


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Overview Sector: Technology

Founded: 2010

Funding Stage:  $ 0-500K

Previous Capital$ 360K

Capital Seeking: $ 2,25M

Monthly Burn Rate: $ 8K


CEO & Co-Founder: Alessandro Rizzoli

COO & Co-Founder: Federico Sita

CTO & Co-Founder: Marco Bellinaso

CCO: Alberto Falossi

Headquarter: Wilmingtone, Delaware

Employees: 4