ADmantX offers cloud-based services that provide ad publishers, networks, and demand-side platforms with contextualization data to enable “cookie-less” ad targeting. The company matches ads to brand-appropriate content and seeks to assure that underlying emotional responses to the content match the action desired by the advertiser. Semantic technology and dynamic categorization come together to match ads with the right consumers in the right frame of mind with the right message.


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Overview Sector: Online advertising technology company

Founded: 2010

Investment need: $ 10,5M

2010 Revenue:  N/A

2010 Ebitda: N/A

2011 Revenue Forecast: $ 200K


Founder: Stefano Spaggiari

CEO: Luca Scagliarini

CMO: Booke Aker

Headquarter: Naples, Italy

Employees: 10