Angelantoni Clean Tech


Angelantoni CleanTech (ACT) focuses on researching, developing and commercializing cutting-edge technologies for the renewable energy and clean technology sectors. ACT is a unique company with strong competitive advantages thanks to solid intellectual property, an international portfolio of patents and the ability to continuously innovate its product lines and services. Some of the technologies recently developed by ACT include receiver tubes for solar thermodynamic plants; concentrated solar panels with Fresnel mirrors; thin film deposition systems; and high-concentrated photovoltaic modules with trichroic system.


Overview Sector: Clean technology company

Founded: 2006

Investment need: $ 15,6M

2010 Revenue:  $ 31,1M

2010 Ebitda: 1%

2011 Revenue Forecast: $ 34,4M

Ebit Margin: 1,4% 2011 6,1% 2012 9,6% 2013



Founder & CEO: Gianluigi Angelantoni

CFO: Giuseppe Moscatelli

CMO: Booke Aker

R&D: Mauro Zenobi

Employees: 296