Since 2008, Cascaad has been working to personalize the web experience for its users. The company develops technologies that help users discover content that is relevant to them. In 2011, Cascaad launched its flagship consumer product, CircleMe – an online service that helps users keep track of, and engage with, all of their true “likes” in one place. CircleMe lets users easily import items, add or remove items from their library, and feature the things they love for the benefit of others. CircleMe also helps users connect with like-minded people, track interest-related news and trade curated recommendations with trusted people.


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Overview Sector: Social Media / Mobile Technology

Founded: 2008

Investment need: $ 2-3M

2011 Revenue (Forecast):  $ N/A

2010 RevenueN/A 

2011 Ebitda (Forecast): N/A


CEO: Giuseppe d’Antonio

Founder: Erik Lumer

Headquarter: Milan, Italy

Employees: 10