CrowdEngineering develops products that allow its users access to crowdsourcing services. The company’s Social CRM solutions transform customer-facing business processes involving clients, prospects and company staff, in collaborative activities. The company has offices in Catania and Pisa, Italy and in Sunnyvale, CA.  Initially backed by “seed capital” from the DSeed Fund, CrowdEngineering is now a leading provider of crowdsourced Social CRM and enterprise-class crowdsourcing solutions in Europe and the U.S.


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Overview Sector: Software

Founded: 2009

Headquarter: Catania, Italy; Sunnyvale, CA

2011 Revenue (Forecast):  $ 1,5M

2010 Revenue$ 313K

2010 Ebitda: $ 67K



Co-Founder & CEO: Gioacchino La Vecchia

Co-Founder & CTO: Massimo Piccioni

COO & EMEA: Karina Buch

Employees: 25