EryDel has developed an innovative drug delivery system based on the use of erythrocytes (red blood cells) as a vehicle for a large-panel of pharmacological agents. The first therapeutic treatment main targets are chronic inflammatory diseases. EryDel’s delivery system is made up of completely automatic equipment with disposable kits. EryDel hopes to grow as a leader in providing solutions for the delivery of pharmacological agents through red blood cells starting with chronic inflammatory diseases by reducing to a minimum corticosteroids side effects, with possible extension to several other pathologies with very strong medical need including cystic fibrosis, ataxia telangiectasia, duchenne dystrophy and respiratory diseases.


Overview Sector: Biotech

Founded: 2007

Investment need: $ 22M

2014 Revenue: $ 12M

Positive EBIT: 2014

EBIT Margin: 49% in 2016





CSO & Founder: Mauro Magnani

General Manager: Giovanni Mambrini

Headquarter: Urbino, Italy

Employees: 11