MutuiOnline (MOL.MI) is a financial services company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, which focuses on the Italian market.

The company has two divisions:

  1. Brokerage: Offers mortgages, loans, insurance and other financial products to the Italian consumer market through an online platform that compares products from multiple institutions. As a dominant player in online financial services, MutuiOnline handles around 4% of the total Italian mortgage market.
  2. BPO: Offers banks and other financial institutions outsourcing services for credit origination processes, covering the commercial, underwriting and servicing phases.


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Overview Sector:

Financial services companyFounded: 2000

2011 Revenue (Forecast):  $ 78M

2010 Revenue$ 74M 

2010 Ebitda$ 32M  

2011 Ebitda (Forecast): $ 33M

Ebit Margin: 41,3%



Chairman & Founder: Marco Pescarmona

Co-Founder & CEO: Alessandro Fracassi  

Managing Directors: Domenico Peiretti

CFO: Francesco Masciandaro

Headquarter: Milan, Italy

Employees: 700