HyperFair has developed a web-based platform for hosting virtual trade shows. This is a 3D world where people with avatars meet, engage and do business. We give trade show producers the opportunity to host 3D virtual trade shows based on our platform, monetizing their audience in a different way and generating a new stream of revenue. Exhibitors and attendees enjoy a new way of doing business while generating qualified leads, saving money and time (no traveling) and attending a larger number of trade shows worldwide.  In  October 2012 closed seed round with angel investors; in December 2012 launched version 2 of the platform; in January 2013: first US Customer (American Insitute of Architecture); in March 2013 acquired six additional customers.

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Overview Sector: Online Services

Founded: 2010

Headquarters: San Francisco

Previous capital: $1.3M from Angel Investors

Employees: 9






Founder & CEO: Marco Campanari

Founder: Massimiliano Bonfanti

COOAndrea Ballarini