IGEA’s mission is to expand the use of non-ionizing physical energy in the medical field using methods that have been proven and developed by years of cooperation between physicians and clinics. The company’s technology is used in oncology for the local treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous solid cancers. IGEA’s electrochemotherapy (ECT) locally increases the anti-tumoral effectiveness of low permanent drugs possessing a high intrinsic cytotoxicity. The electrical pulses are applied directly to the tumoral area, thus making electrochemotherapy a local treatment.


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Overview Sector: Biotech

Founded: 1980

Investment need: $ 35M

EBIT Margin: 17% in 2013

Revenue: $ 11,54M


CEO: Donata Marazzi

CSO & Chairman: Ruggero Cadossi

Director of US Business Development: Jacqueline Eastwood

Headquarter: Capri, Italy,

Employees: 66