Noodls is the first global aggregator of official information in real-time. The mission of this fast-growing, VC-backed global startup is to introduce a new distribution channel aggregating in real-time all the corporate communications of the world to overcome the limitations of the traditional disclosure practice for the benefit of media organizations, financial markets and PR/IR professionals. Every day, noodls distributes over 14,000 press releases, company announcements, corporate website news and official blog posts issued by more than 32,000 leading organizations from 163 countries and 88 financial markets.




Overview Sector: Biotech

Founded: 2007

Investment need: $ 10M

EBIT Margin: 22% in 2013

2011 Revenue: $ 1,5M

Headquarter: Genoa, Italy

Employees: 32




Co-Founder & CEO: Giacomo Cambiaso

Co-Founder & Director of Content: Filippo Novella

Co-Founder & Software Architect: Renzo Sala

Sales Director & Board Member: Gianfranco Marchesi

Marketing Manager: Alessandra Derubeis

IT Manager: Roberto Lucignani

Product Manager: Karen Gould

Business Development Manager: Jon Evans