Agroils Technologies

Agroils Technologies develops technologies enabling the production of high quality biofuels, edible protein meals for human and animal consumption as well as pharmaceutical components from the non-edible biofuel crop Jatropha. Agroils’ patented technology allows companies to simultaneously produce Jatropha-based biofuels, high quality edible protein meals, as well as high value products like anti-tumoral Curcin. The company intends to sell its plants and license its process technology to thousands of Jatropha producers worldwide.

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Overview Sector: Agroils Technology

Founded: 2010

Previous Capital: $ 500K

Monthly Burn Rate: $ 20K

Capital Seeking: $ 1,5M



CEO: Giovanni Venturini Del Greco

Chairman: Roberto Crea

Headquarter: Hayward, CA

Employees: 4