Prima Industrie (PRI:IM) in an industry leader in laser and sheet metal processing machines, including laser machines for cutting, welding and drilling of 3D and 2D components; machines for sheet metal treatment.  In addition, Prima Industrie provides electronics and laser technologies for power and control electronics, and of high-power laser sources for industrial applications, used by both the group machines and third parties. The company has manufacturing sites in Italy, Finland, U.S. and China, well as a direct commercial and after-sales presence in France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Poland, Russia, U.S., Canada, China, UAE, Brazil and India.


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Overview Sector: Industrial Machinery

Founded: 1977

Investment Need: TBD

2011 Revenue (Forecast):  $ 416M

2010 Revenue$ 331,7M 

2011 Ebitda$ 31,8M  

Ebit Margin: 4,28%



Chairman & CFO: Gianfranco Carbonato

Managing Directors: Ezio Basso   

Managing Directors: Domenico Peiretti

CFO: Massimo Ratti

COO: Carlo Giordano

Headquarter: Turin, Italy

Employees: 1,3 M