Savelli is a start-up operating at the crossroads of wireless technology and luxury goods. The company is working on developing a “luxury smartphone” that is designed, manufactured and distributed as a Swiss Made luxury goods product that is entirely focused on the female market. Luxury mobile phones are predicted to be the next product category to enter in the $250 billion luxury goods sector. Savelli’s current investors are from the VC fund Innogest and a group of ten CEOs from companies such as Harrods, EMI Music, SVEDKA Vodka, De Beers Group, Vertu, YSL, and others.


Overview Sector: Luxury goods retail companyFounded: 2010

Headquarters: Turin, Italy

Investment needed: Raised funding of $ 3,7M in March 2011

Employees: 6


Founder & CEO: Alessandro SavelliFounderKetty Maisonrouge

COO: Mark Trahand

CFO: Federica Avalle