Siena Solar Nanotech S.p.A.

Siena Solar Nanotech (2SN) develops and produces a thin film deposition technology to make solar photovoltaic (PV) technology a competitive energy source. 2SN designs and manufactures deposition equipment based on its innovative Pulsed Plasma Deposition technology (PPD), which works by ablation of a solid target using high energy electron pulses generated by specially-patented high energy electron guns. 2SN is the first to apply electron ablation in industrial thin film production. The company has an exclusive license for the core patent covering the PPD deposition technique and owns patents and exclusive licenses for PV devices and single functional materials such as metal oxides TCOs.


Overview Sector: Green TechFounded: 2007

Funding Stage: Round B

Previous Capital: $ 2,2M

Monthly Burn Rate: $ 35K

Pre-Money Valutation: $ 9,6M

Capital Seeking: $ 2,4M



President,Chairman & Scientific Advisor: Carlo TalianiManaging Director: Gianpiero Tedeschi

Strategic Development: Alberto Bombonati

Headquarter: Bologna, Italy

Employees: 7