Silicon Biosystems has developed an instrument that can sort, manipulate, and collect individual or groups of rare cells using a proprietary electronic chip-based micro- fluidiccartridge and microscopic image analysis. Using its DEPArray™ system, Silicon Biosystems’ technology can recover as little as a single cell from the suspension of tens of thousands of cells with 100% purity, allowing downstream molecular analysis such as whole-genome amplification and sequencing. The technology can be used in the molecular characterization of circulating tumor cells, tumor infiltrating cells, stemcells and circulating fetal cells.


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Overview Sector: Biotech

Founded: 2005

Investment need: $ 30M

Positive EBIT: 2013

EBIT Margin: 32% in 2015

2011 Revenue: $ 4M

Headquarter: Bologna, Italy San Diego, CA

CEO: Giuseppe Giorgini

CTO: Nicola Manaresi

CSO: Gianni Medoro

General Manager: Gianfranco Marchesi

Employees: 32