SMANIA (SMArt Neural Interfaces and Advanced modeling) specializes in the research, design, and development of innovative neural interfaces for a bidirectional communication between the peripheral nervous system and an artificial device to intimately connect an amputee with his or her prosthesis. The objective of the neural interface is to electrically communicate with the nervous system, providing an amputee with a dexterous control of their external prosthetic device, thus allowing the prosthesis to feel as part of his or her own body. SMANIA products will combine traditional materials and technologies commonly used for invasive neural interfaces (biocompatible polymers, thin film technology, etc.,) with innovative microactuators (i.e. shape memory alloys) which will allow to control the neural interface position after its insertion into peripheral nerves nearing the active sites to neural fibers and thus increasing the electrical communication quality between the nerve and the electrodes.

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Overview Sector: Healthcare

Founded: 2008

Type of Financing Round: Seed

Previous Investments: $ 250K

Capital Seeking: $ 1,5M in round A




CEO & Founder: Silvia Bossi

CTO & Founder: Silvestro Micera

CFO: Riccard Amoni

Headquarter: Rome

Employees: 4