Super Compare is a web-based platform for customers to compare supermarket product prices to find out where to shop, both online and offline, for the cheapest price. The aim is twofold: Super Compare provides shoppers with a free online price comparison tool that finds for them the cheapest grocery store in their neighborhood, while providing retailers access to real-time analytics on competitors’ price strategies and consumer shopping behavior, reaching them during their decision making process. Since its launch, Super Compare has garnered more than 20,000 users across Italy in only three months and is comparing prices for 37 national retailers (70% of the Italian grocery market). The company’s database now totals more than 1 million shopping records.


Overview Sector: Technology

Founded: 2010

Type of Financing round: Seed

Previous Investments: $ 840K

Capital Seeking: $ 500K-1M


Co-Founder & CEO: Barbara Labate

Co-Founder: Zion Nahum

Headquarter: San Francisco

Employees: 5