Tecnam manufactures small aircraft in three segments: certified twin and single engines, LSA light sport aircrafts and advanced ultra light. Currently, Tecnam manufactures 300 planes per year and exports 85% thought its global network of 45 certified distributors. Tecnam is a well established and profitable company and ranks at the top of its segment. Recently Tecnam formed its Tecnam North America unit with ambitions to become a leader in small aircraft manufacturing in the US.


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Overview Sector: Aeronautical

Founded: 1986

Headquarter: Naples, Italy

US Investment need:  $ 5-10M

Compound Annual Growth Rate9% 

Ebitda Margin: 10%





Founder, Chairman & Head of R&D: Luigi Pascale Langer

Co-Founder, CEO and Managing Director: Paolo Pascale Langer

CFO: Amedeo Fogliano

Employees: 158