We are waiting for your business to become a star in the Italian economic landscape!

Each SME or hight tech start-up that participates in an Italian Business & Investment Initiative networking event will get face-to-face access to potential investors, who are members of New York’s robust VC and PE communities.

IB&II® is also an investor in Mind the Seed Fund managed by Mind the Bridge.

Candidates companies are chosen via a selection process produced in conjunction with Innogest SGR. Our selected startups will be surrounded by opportunities for subject matter expertise, strategic guidance, and business development potential that can launch their company in the international market.

IB&II® is interested in SMEs and start-ups across Italy’s entire economy and sectors. Visit our portfolio of innovators to see the numerous companies that attended to our seasonal symposium. If you are interested in learning more about how your small or medium sized company can benefit from one of our upcoming event, please contact us.